Requirements on today’s injection moulds are partly contradictory. The best quality of the moulded part has to be achieved in the shortest cycle time. A combination of serveral properties contribute to making HOVADUR® alloys well suited for satifying these requirements.

Our alloys are characterized by:
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High elongationGood machining
  • Good surface coatability
  • Good structuring properties of surfaces
  • Good chemical stability

Your advantages:

  • Shortest cycle time
  • Highest quality of the moulded part
  • High added value
  • Low machining costs
  • Conformal cooling

Our range of products:

  • Semi-finished products for your mould construction
  • Mould inserts pre-machined close to the contour
  • Steel / copper composite according to your guidelines
  • Injection nozzles and ante-chamber bushings
  • Generatively produced mould inserts