Description of material HOVADUR® B30:

HOVADUR® B30 is a multiphase copper aluminium alloy with addition of nickel and iron (aluminium bronze). Even at higher temperature and alternating stress, the alloy combines very high tensile strength with very high resistance to wear as well as good resistance to corrosion, erosion and cavitation. HOVADUR® B30 is resistant against sea water and has a very good oxidation behaviour (no scale). Due to the melting and casting procedure employed by SCHMELZMETALL, HOVADUR® B30 shows remarkably less tool wear in case of machining compared to other aluminium bronzes.

Application examples HOVADUR® B30:

Due to its attractive combination of properties,HOVADUR® B30 is excellent for many applications. Some typical examples:

  • High strained bearings
  • Guide bushes
  • Valves and valve faces
  • Sliding elements
  • Wearing plates

In the field of moulds for plastic injection, HOVADUR® B30 is used for:

  • Mould cores
  • Guiding elements

Due to its combination of good resistance to corrosion, hight strength (even at higher temperatures) and non-sparking properties, it is excellent for many applications in plant construction. Some examples:

  • Chemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Offshore technology