Description of material HOVADUR® CCNBeh:

HOVADUR® CCNBeh is a thermally precipitation hardenable copper alloy. In heat treated condition, the alloy combines high hardness and high resistance to heat with good electrical and thermal conductivity. Due to vacuum technology and special processes, clearly better properties compared to standard quality HOVADUR® CNB can be garanteed.

Application examples HOVADUR® CCNBeh:

  • Electrodes, holders and shafts for spot, seam, flash butt and projection welding of (preferably) material showing higher strength and electrical resistance (e. g. stainless and heat resistant steels) as well as welded wire mesh.
  • Moulds for non ferrous metal casting
  • Inserts in steel moulds in areas requiring a higher cooling rate
  • Die casting pistons for horizontal cold-chamber die casting machines
  • Die venting for light metal die casting moulds