Since 2020, we have been the official partner of Schmelzmetall Deutschland GmbH, a German company, in the Baltic states and Ukraine. Schmelzmetall Deutschland GmbH, established in 1959, has proven itself as a leading producer of high-quality copper alloys, providing its customers with the best solutions in the production process. With many years of experience in copper alloy manufacturing, we have a deep understanding of technical processes and product properties, enabling us to offer our clients the most suitable solutions. Our professional team will provide the necessary support and consultation to help you achieve your desired goals and attain the highest quality standards in your field.

Our services are developed to meet even the most complex requirements of clients operating in industrial sectors. To ensure precise solution development that meets your specific needs, we offer on-site visits to clients, enabling us to recommend the best approach that ensures successful results in the production process.

We understand that every business and every project is unique, which is why our goal is to provide a personalized approach to each client. Our experienced team is ready to collaborate with you to understand your goals and needs, finding the best solution specifically tailored to your company.

Please contact us, and we will promptly develop a proposal for you.