Description of material HOVADUR® CNBspez:

HOVADUR® CNBspez is a thermally precipitation hardenable copper alloy. In hardened condition, the material is characterized by high electrical and thermal conductivity combined with very good hardness and resistance to heat. HOVADUR® CNBspez is especially suitable for applications requiring high electrical (and / or thermal) conductivity combined with great hardness. Due to vacuum technology and special processes, clearly better properties compared to standard quality HOVADUR® CNB can be garanteed.

Application examples HOVADUR® CNBspez:

  • Electrodes, holders and shafts for spot, seam, flash butt and projection welding of (preferably) material showing higher strength (e. g. stainless and heat resistant steels) and welded wire mesh.
  • Moulds for non-ferrous metal casting, especially appropriate for low pressure die casting
  • Inserts in steel moulds in areas requiring a higher cooling rate
  • Continuous casting moulds for steel casting
  • Thermally high-strained parts susceptible to fire cracks